A Lot of Walking (and some running!)

It's been another week full of parent's evenings so I've been very quiet again.
Made up for it this weekend though, spent most of Friday walking the length and breadth of North Kuwait, then today did a 5k run to the beach, swam, sunbathed then walked back.

Over the course of the last couple of days I've seen lots of wonderful things and buildings that I've shared below. I've also found some more great little coffee houses and restaurants.

So I started yesterday walking to Al Shaheed Park, I've shared some photos from the evening there a couple of weeks ago, but during the day it is equally both stunning and tranquil. En route there I got some photos from the car park of the Al Othman Museum, where they have a few tanks and jets parked (as you do!), remnants from the 1990 invasion. I also found miniature models of Old Kuwait and New Kuwait in the park- missed them last time.

I then walked to the very north coast of Kuwait City where looking out to sea you ca…

The Friday Market

Ok, so you've guessed by the title of this post that I'm a few days late in posting.
Nevertheless, on Friday I went to the eponymously titled market. It's so big that no matter where you are in the country, if you get in a cab and say 'Friday Market' they know exactly where you mean.
It's clearly evolved from some very traditional Middle Eastern market from years gone by, but still retains the charm of it's assumed original form, and the choice? My word, the choice!!

There was very little that I didn't see for sale, it was vast and incredibly well organised. Where once were (I again assume) tarpaulins and canvas canopies there are now purpose built metal canopies covering section after section, metre after metre.

There is a vast array of clothes, shoes, watches, sunglasses, purses, bags, wallets, perfumes, jewellery- all famous brands and designs- most of dubious authenticity, but the most convincing fakes I've ever seen. And this is just the first …

They Think It's All Over!

So Thursday evening saw a group of us get our first taste of Kuwaiti Premier League football, and what an experience it was.
It was a clash between 'our' team Al Qadsia and local rivals Al Salmiya, currently sitting third and fourth in the league respectively.
Being our first time at the stadium we didn't get off to the best start when we realised that we had actually chosen to sit in the away supporters section, and me being super keen was wearing the home shirt!

An uneventful first half saw the game get to 42mins without score, when our local heroes blasted a shot past the rival keeper to put us into the lead heading in to half time. Our hopes were dashed though when just 2 minutes later the visitors equalised, leaving it all square as the players went into the tunnel, and we swiftly made our way to the home supporters stands.

The second half got underway with renewed vigour and determination from both sides, and some of our group managed to get themselves interviewed fo…

A busy week, hence a quiet week!

This week we've had Parent Information Evenings every night, so I've been working from 6am to 9pm most days, therefore had very little time to post!

Promise to make up for it over the weekend (yes I'm still getting used to Thursday being the last day of the week!)

Off to a Premier League football match tonight- well, Kuwaiti Premier League.
Our local team Al Qadsia have won the league 16 times and are currently in 3rd place, tonight we're at home to Al Salmiya who are in 4th so it should be tense!!!! A group of us going, apparently the ticket price is 500 fils (£1.25) so debating whether to get a season ticket and save money!

Before I go, one photo for you- the 'cold' water storage tanks for most buildings are outside like this one. Nothing quite like cleaning your teeth with scalding hot water at night!

Al Shaheed Park

Spent a lovely couple of hours at Al Shaheed Park in the City.

A completely man made oasis of lakes, ponds, greenery and dancing fountains! Actually built on a platform above its own car park- you can actually see through some of the ponds and waterfalls to the cars below which is a little odd. Nevertheless a lovely evening walk with lots to see and do, especially as the evening darkens and all the surrounding towers start to flicker and dance with light.
Lots of very nice caf├ęs and restaurants, with a couple of museums thrown in for good measure along with a 'Circle of Peace' and various monuments and an aviary.

My evening finished off with the incredible dancing fountains, I caught a glimpse, walked over, got myself in position ready to film....just as it finished!!! What I saw was wonderful though, at least I have an excuse to go back.

Amazing what you find!

Out for another explore and in a side road came across what appeared to be a car park, but then realised it was full of tanks and jet planes. The building next it turned out to be a museum which I decided to visit.
Very interesting and shows a country very proud of its history, especially the two goals scored at the 1982 World Cup in Spain, which were playing on an endless video loop in a miniature astroturf stadium. This was actually in the sport section of the museum which also celebrated Kuwait's 10 Pin Bowling and volleyball successes- before you ask.

I have included a few photos, one exhibition was particularly moving- a wall of faces which I assume to be those lives lost during the Iraq invasion of 1990.

One of the most intriguing artefacts I found in the museum was the German device photographed....not entirely sure of its purpose!