Off to Head Office!

Was summoned to a meeting at Head Office in the stunning Al Hambra Tower (Tallest skyscraper in Kuwait and tallest sculpted concrete structure in the world).
The company who own my school and 22 others in Kuwait are based on the 42nd floor here- dizzying views from their lobby window below.
Going into a meeting with accountants who want to run schools like businesses is always going to be difficult for an educator who sees children as individuals rather than just numbers, but I'll fight my corner and managed to win some small battles!

Stopped for a lovely meal in the mall at the base of the tower after 3 and a half hours talking budgets!

All by myself!

After a long, but very successful first week at work, it's nice to reward oneself with a bit of relaxation.  Nice to be given the beach all to myself today, a beautiful 42 degrees at 9.30am, and the water was like a bath.
Oh and walked past the palace of Emir Sabah IV, the current monarch on the way home.

Floating on oil!

What do you do if you live in a country where petrol is cheaper than water? Why, you buy the thirstiest, fuel guzzling muscle car you can find of course! I'm pretty certain the Kuwaitis are the best customers for American muscle cars and pick ups.

It's easy to forget that Kuwait is built on a desert!

Looking up there's a growing number of increasingly impressive skyscrapers and wonders of modern architecture. Looking at ground level you see more of the old Kuwait, some of the buildings still baring the scars of the Iraqi invasion nearly 30 years ago. Many areas don't have pavements as such, or at least don't anymore and you can see areas that remind you that beneath it all lies desert.

Walking from Hawally to Salmiya today, I was struck by this particular high street, it was like walking along the beach.

Oh, and I've decided that Friday is my walking day!!! Did about 20k last week and even more this week.....the weight's falling off!

First week nearly down.

Well nearly at the end of the first week and I'm exhausted. I can honestly say that I've never had such an eventful first week in a job, so many things sent to test my mettle but I'm still smiling and loving every minute.
The staff are wonderful, children a delight and parents generally very supportive.
I've learnt a great deal very quickly about life in the private sector in the Middle East, and there are things I'm already beginning to take in my stride rather than react to as I already understand that I would most likely be wasting energy.
Trying to go out for a stroll most evenings to familiarise myself with the locale along with having some thinking time, general exercise and acclimatising myself (it's still around 42 degrees at 8pm)

Most nights I discover something interesting and tonight was no exception- I found a labyrinth of designer clothes and shoe shops called Kit Kat, kind of a modern day Souk. Shop/stall upon shop of Ralph Lauren, Hollister, Tomm…

Welcoming the parents.

You didn't know I was bi-lingual did you?

Out for a walkabout!

The visually impressive Dar Al Shifa Hospital, although does look a bit like a space invader!